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Mød elevernepå RoFH

Hvad laver de nu?

Ida Ullstad

In this portrait we meet one of the first students that was admitted to Roskilde Festival Folk High School.

Ida Ullstad was a student in 2019 and has ever since been a part of RoFH. Both as a student, member of the student association and later as an intern in administration and along with leadership classes.

Hear about Idas former educational and personal growth during and after her stay at Roskilde Festival Folk High School.

Malthe Nielsen

Meet Malthe who started spring of 2020. Malthe is a qualified carpenter and dreams of a wider range of expertise and experience among the students on Danish folk high schools. Today he is studying to become a building constructor.

RoFH Records

RoFH RECORDS is a non profit record label, that helps current and former students from Roskilde. Follow RoFH Records on Facebook and Instagram.