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Lifeon theschool

At breakfast, in projects, on trips, in the kitchen late at night, in the inbetweens, for the rest of your life.
What is a folk high school?

A folk high school is a non-formal residential school offering learning opportunities in almost any subject. Most students are between 18 and 24 years old and the length of a typical stay is 4 months. It is a boarding school, so you sleep, eat, study and spend your spare time at the school. There are no academic requirements for admittance, and there are no exams – but you will get a diploma as a proof of your attendance.


Roskilde Festival Højskole is af folk high school rooted in danish language and culture. Therefore we wish to help you evolve your danish during the stay with courses at the local language school. The language course is twice a week at Clavis Roskilde. The common language is Danish at morning assemblies, in class and at RoFH Talks, but we strive to speak English when we tell what’s happening at the school and we also translate during class if it’s needed – some classes are only taught in Danish.

Read more about being an international student at a Danish folk high school here (

Inspiration and debate

Morning song and gatherings

You grab one of the folk highschool songbooks at the entrance, and find a seat. As an appetizer, after breakfast and all weekdays, the entire school gathers in the auditorium for some singing and inspirational talks. The last feeling of being sleepy disappears, as you wake up to a piece of music, a story, a performance, or a work of literature. These gatherings will at first be prepared by the teachers, but you will later on have the opportunity to contribute.

Common meetings

Once a week we have a common meeting. Here, we discuss everyday things and living together. Everyone can speak up, and the meetings are based on the democratic values of the school, as we look backwards and forwards. We discuss the parties of the weekend, and we plan the upcoming events of the next weekend or the study trip next month.

Theme days and weeks

The school is a mirror reflecting the world around us. Every once in a while, we reset a day or week, to explore a theme which affects, inspires and moves us. Perhaps, we invite a nearby refugee reception center, we explore the history of Roskilde, or make a targeted effort in a statement together with Roskilde Festival.

Study trip and excursions


During the fall, there is always a study trip planned. And, when we travel on RoFH – the entire school travels together!

In a world of climate change, pollution and limited natural resources, where transport in air and at sea makes up a significant part of global Co2-emissions, we consider how our traveling affects the environment. The study trips are therefore usually by bus or train to Denmark, Nordics, and Europe, where we explore new cities, cultures, and areas we had no idea existed.

The trip is scheduled for the middle of fall, and our destinations vary from year to year, but we always establish a connection for the local culture, and make sure to always leave a positive mark in our visits.


Even though Roskilde embodies a rich cultural life, nature, and countless attractions, every once in a while the entire school will depart for extended inspirational excursions to experience something new together. We visit the theater, go to a concert, or visit an exhibition. The main courses have their own excursions to destinations relevant for the course.

Common dining


When we eat together, we do so in a mix of housing groups and main subjects, in conversation and community. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, the meals at Roskilde Festival Folk High School are always something to look forward to. Meals are more than refueling and a chore, at RoFH it is an occasion to be together and talk about your day.


Our kitchen is organic, we always use fresh produce, and our skilled kitchen staff cooks most things from scratch. We have a sustainable food culture, and do our best to avoid food waste.

We help each other

We help the kitchen to set the tables, clearing off, and take turns on the dishwashing-rollercoaster.

Life in a housing group

Your home and responsibility

The school is your home for an important part of your life. Some might have lived on their own for a while, and for others, it could be their first time away from home. We always strive for you to gain life-lasting skills and values in relation to sharing and living with other people.

In that regard, it is important for the school that everyone participates in the things that make a home and daily life work. We call it ‘good housekeeping’. In the housing groups, you will have the responsibility for cleaning, helping out the kitchen from time to time, and that everyone pitches in keeping the common areas nice and tidy.

Housing groups

As a student at RoFH, you will be in one of six housing groups. Each housing group holds 20 students, across two and three person rooms. The heart of the housing group is the common area, where you have a tea-kitchen, lounge area, and small nooks for working, playing, or just having some coffee together.

The housing group is your home during your stay, and your roommates are your closest family. The environment for the life you share is broadly defined by yourselves as a housing group. One of the first tasks is formulating your own guidelines for shared accomodation. There is a teacher assigned for each housing group, that will help to make sure that your guidelines are inclusive and embraces everyone. The housing groups are responsible for weekly cleaning of common areas, rooms, and washrooms. You and your roomie are responsible for cleaning your rooms.


Every once in a while, you just want to be by yourself. Your room is an opportunity to take a pause from the many activities and courses at the school. This is where you sleep, relax and have a one-on-one with your roommate. You can choose to stay in either a double room or three person room. All rooms have easy access to a bathroom, shared by two rooms. Together with your roommate, it is your responsibility to clean the room and bathroom.

House meetings

There is a weekly meeting in every housing group, including the assigned teacher. Here, we will open up about the group and discuss the big and small things. We take a look at your shared agreements and routines, we make compromises and find solutions that benefit everyone.

See photos of student accommodation

Body and movement

Here at RoFH, we believe that body and mind are deeply linked. That is why we provide the chance for everyone to turn off their brain for a while, and connect during the week through movement, meditation, the outdoors, street sports, or a tough physical workout. We want to give you the time and tools to implement healthy habits into your daily routines, where the mind can take a breather, the blood can pump around in your body and your fingertips can become green by being in nature.

Experiences, events and parties

RoFH Talks

Every wednesday evening we have a mandatory talk that is open for the public. We present an interesting variety of talks, debates, performances and concerts for every taste.

RoFH Life

Throughout your stay, the school presents different talks, lectures, workshops and so on, every friday afternoon or evening. In relation to RoFH Life, you can also experience the schools’ own courses and a showcase of their productions and masterpieces.

Open workshops

After you have eaten dinner and processed a long day of activities, the facilities of the school are available. Use the studios, workshops, art studio, and many more areas.

School parties

We like to party together. During your stay at RoFH, the school will plan and host a number of parties for every student and staff member. When we party, we do it in style – with dinner, activities, and performance.

Student parties

Roskilde and the surrounding area provide a lot of opportunities for taking some time and relaxing. Usually, our students just want to be together and party on campus. It is possible for groups and committees in collaboration with the neighbouring cafésto plan parties.

Bar (Mimers Brønd)

The school bar, also known as Mimer’s Well, is 100% run by students. The school will help the bar get going, but it is the students that are responsible for keeping stock, cleaning, pricing, opening and closing the bar, finding suppliers, finances, and so on. What to do with a possible surplus is a discussion for all students, but it could help fund student projects, student union, issues, or objects and equipment that you might need.

Parents and friends day

One or two times during your star, we invite your family and friends to come for a visit. The day will include different elements, exhibitions and talks.

Guidelines and responsibility


Even if you have had a late in the workshop or together with your schoolmates, everyone gets up in the morning. You are obligated to attend every morning gathering and all classes during the week. If you are having an off-day or feeling under the weather, it has to be reported to school administration.

Digital tools and phones

We don’t have a payphone, and we understand that you have a life outside of campus, but do yourself and schoolmates a favor, by being present in the moment. At RoFH, we practice a degree of ‘digital detox’. We therefore encourage the use of phones and computers in private spaces or in relation to the course – not during meals, talks, or any other occasion that might require your attention.

Alcohol and drugs

We don’t care for too many rules, and the ones we have are made to ensure a safe space.

Our community, and living together under one roof, demands attention and presence. At RoFH, we party like everywhere else, but the parties take place during the weekends, as does the consumption of alcohol.

  • Use or possession of drugs and problematic consumption of alcohol will result in expulsion.

Offensive behavior

Roskilde Festival Folk High School is a school and home, with a place for everyone. That is why we do not tolerate derogatory language about gender, race, financial background, or similar subjects. We consider it a task for the school to educate and inform about how to coexist – and that is why we will always interfere in cases, where someone expresses a feeling of being harassed, bullied, exposed, or similar.