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Exploration, immersion and reflection

The Art course is all about creating your own work. Here, we experiment with various artistic methods and styles, and we seek inspiration in the shifting significance of art, with specific focus on current art.

The center will be our common workspace – Atelieret – where we will work in formats such as painting, video, photography, installation, performance, sound, etc.

Explorations and student products (in Danish)

The course

We will play and fail our way forwards, and consider the artistic process and an exploration. The course embraces immersion and the freedom to experiment, and we find inspiration by visiting exhibitions and by meeting established artists and guest teachers.

The many courses of the school entices cross-cutting collaborations between courses – something we apply in Art! Just like the area surrounding the school gives a unique freedom and possibilities to explore the role of art in the urban environment by the festival, Roskilde, and Copenhagen.

Together with Roskilde Festival, we will work with the quirky, the explosive, the provocative, and the weird.

Subjects on the course

Painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and spaces, curating, collage, video, contemporary art, understanding art, history, aesthetics, philosophy.

Art as a profession

First and foremost, we work with art as a mindset and an interest, but if you have the courage to pursue formal education, you can use this course to prepare for academies in architecture, design, art, and teaching. The teacher of the course will be available to give advice and recommendations in figuring out your path.


Course information

12.5 hours a week, on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays.

You get experience with several art forms, techniques and expressions.

Focus on the course is exploration and reflection.

Morten Ernlund

Morten teaches the art course. He is an artist and educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Morten Ernlund, underviser i kunst på Roskilde Festival Højskole

Visit us

We really want you to visit us here at RoFH, so we can show you our facilities and the atmosphere at RoFH.

Call us at +45 3132 5321 or book a guided tour.

Atelieret is more than 100 square meters, and is located on the 1st floor. The studio is filled with natural light through the skylights and large southern windows. In close proximity, you will find the school’s workshop and the classroom for Architecture, which give you the opportunity to work with larger projects and alternative materials.

The entire area surrounding the school is designed with creativity in mind, and boasts a wealth of artistic actors. The area is buzzing with creativity and the old concrete factories give the opportunity to curate exhibitions and make artistic interventions. The town is rich with museums, and we will be inspired by visits to the Danish Rock museum Ragnarock and the Museum for Contemporary Art.