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Production, songwriting and performance

Dive into the world of music at Roskilde Festival Folk High School, and build your musical profile as a musician, songwriter, and producer.

The objective of the course is to develop your personal and artistic standpoint. At RoFH, we believe that the best way to do this is through a creative and artistic process with others and with the world around you.

Music is a necessary human expression on level with all other art forms. Music creates change and contributes to the making of our identity and culture; from individuals to communities, from the making of close relations to big social movements.

The course

During the course, you receive creative sparring and professional guidance by the teachers and guest teachers of the course.

We explore both the masterpieces of musical pioneers, their methods and processes, the hidden gems in the dark corners of niche music, and the powerful tools in pop music, where we will listen, dissect, steal the old and create the new.

We will work with your instrument and arrangement, but also with the computer as an instrument and songwriting tool. We teach Ableton and Logic, plugins and review effects and mixing. If you are used to working in other softwares, you are of course welcome to continue in those. Meanwhile, you will also work with aesthetics and stylistic tools, so you can express yourself through the speakers in the clearest way possible.

In the course, you will work as both producer and songwriter. There is therefore a focus on the lyrical expression, the placement of vocals in the soundscape, and how lyrics and message is incorporated in a production, as well as how composition and arrangement fills and supports the final expression of the piece.

A part of the course is showing your music to others, both in listening and feedback sessions, and as a performer. In collaboration with others or as a solo artist, we work with live performances, sound installations, live-effects, that supports your curious and original artistic style.

The course is for everyone – trained and untrained – that feels a need to create music, and have the desire to express themselves through music.

Subjects in the course

Musical awareness, songwriting, composition, audio recording, acoustics, sampling, mixing, studio techniques, producing, performance, knowledge of genres, Ableton Live, Logic, plug-ins, live setups.

Music as a profession

If you are dreaming of a career in music, then the course is a creative space to test and develop your passion for music. If you want to use it to prepare for the musical academy, education in teaching, musical science, or as a busker, it is completely up to you. The teacher is always available to give advice and recommendation for your way forward. 


Course information

12.5 hours a week, on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays.

Mathias Pedersen Smidt

Mathias Pedersen Smidt, underviser i musik på Roskilde Festival Højskole

Mathias teaches music at Roskilde Festival Højskole.


Guest teachers

Soffie Viemose (Lowly)
Amanda Glindvad (Jærv)
Asbjørn Toftdahl
Astrid Cordes
Mads Damsgaard (Goss)
M. fl.

Student productions

Several of the student productions are published under the collective RoFH Records, an artistic platform organized by former students at Roskilde Festival Højskole.

Visit us

We really want you to visit us here at RoFH, so we can show you our facilities and the atmosphere at RoFH.

Call us at +45 3132 5321 or book a guided tour.

Music facilities and studios

The music space is divided into three rooms that totals more than 110 square meters. The space is a musical playground equipped with new professional music-, sound-, and recording gear. In our two recording studios, you can spend hours by working on your production, and uninterruptedly record your instrument or train your voice for the next performance of production. Other than the music space, we use the Orange Auditorium for listening sessions, concerts, and so on. We also use other rooms and areas for songwriting, reflection, DJ-sets and more. Besides various instruments, the school owns two tuned grand pianos and two tuned upright pianos, placed around the school.

The area

Other than the school’s own facilities and concerts, Roskilde town hosts several small stages, where we can either enjoy other artists or take the stage ourselves. Close to the school, the Danish rock museum Ragnarock, Paramount, and Hal 12 hosts smaller underground stages, and we have a close relationship with the venue Gimle, which hosts a diverse line-up. With our proximity to Copenhagen and relation to Roskilde Festival, Roskilde Festival Folk High School is an ideal choice, if you consider a musical folk high school in Denmark.