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Light &Sound

Event tech & production

Both small and major events calls for insight and experience in the area of event tech and production. At Roskilde Festival Højskole you can choose the main subject Sound & Light in collaboration with Roskilde Festival, the largest music festival in Northern Europe.

Denmark is experiencing a rapidly developing music and event industry in terms of expression, technique, professionalism, diversity and conditions, and to that extent there is a need for professionally grounded sound and lighting technicians, AV technicians, event technicians and stage technicians. That’s why we want to take you under our wings and into a world of sound and light!

Whether you’re going on tour with your friends’ band, volunteering at a venue or just curious about a fun, creative and practical work in the area of art and culture with room for everyone, Sound & Light is for you.

Student productions (in Danish)

The course

At Sound & Light, the teaching is a mix of theory and practice – with a focus on the latter. You get the experience of planning and implementing sound and lighting production as part of a professional team in artistic collaboration with artists and in professional collaboration with managers.

Along the way, you will be taught by professional light, sound and AV technicians with many years of experience from festivals, venues, theaters and tours. Our permanent teacher follows you in your development and your goals. At a Danish Folk Highschool there are no exams or grades, but we can guarantee that if you work hard, you will leave school with a certificate and a network you can use for something.

In the subject, you gain both insight into the subject’s historical and cultural development and significance, from the birth of rock through the 60s and 70s experiments to modern professional cultural production. In the Musicon district around the college, there is completely unique access to knowledge and the opportunity to engage in discussion with, among others, Museum Ragnarock and Roskilde Festival as neighbours, but also a burgeoning growth layer in the industry.


In this main subject you will come across many different subjects and aspects. You will basically touch upon every aspect and the different subjects can run concurrently.


You’ll learn to make a channel plan, set up sound and run a concert. You will be taught by professional sound engineers with many years of experience from venues, tours and festivals.

The teaching will also give you an insight into planning and carrying out concerts and events.

Most of the teaching will be practical, but there will also be theory on e.g. the physics and aesthetics of sound.

Purpose: to provide students with an understanding of live music production and skills in performing a live concert with a full band.


In the process, you will be dressed to support a band’s performance on stage, and we work to make the band’s visual expression stand out.

You will be taught by professional lighting technicians with many years of experience from venues, theatres, tours and festivals.

You learn to use a lighting desk, work with lighting effects and learn how to run a concert. The teaching also gives you an insight into planning and carrying out concerts and events.

Purpose: to give students an understanding of how lighting is designed and used to support a concert or event.


In the course, you gain basic knowledge and experience with setting up screens, cameras and projectors for live productions and events.

You will be taught by experienced AV technicians and media professionals, and concrete practical experience from events on the school and other venues.

Purpose: to give students an understanding of how auditory and visual media play together on a technical and practical level to support events, concerts and live productions.

Sound & Light as a profession

If you dream of a career in music, event or media production, then the subject Sound & Light is an great opportunity to test and further develop your curiosity and gain experience. Whether you want to use it to improve your chances of admission to NEXT’s Theater, AV- and Event Technician education programme, the Theater School’s education programme, the music conservatories’ education programmes, Sonic College or to internshops with tech suppliers for events and live. The school and the subject’s teacher are always ready with good advice and recommendations in relation to clarifying your path.


At Sound & Light you will also meet the industry at networking days. Where ROFH, in collaboration with Roskilde Festival, invites technicians, suppliers and education programmes within theatre, event and live to meet you.


Course information

Teaching 10.5 hours per week spread over three days – both autumn and spring.


Jessica, underviser i Lyd & lys på Roskilde Festival Højskole

Jessica is the main teacher on Sound and Light at Roskilde Festival Højskole.

Guest teachers

Light and sound technicians at Roskilde, Gimle og VEGA.

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We work closely with the production people at the festival both before and during the festival, so we ensure that the students have the latest knowledge and practical experience with event technology and production.

Roskilde Festival College has subjects within music, media and design and together we build communities through our own events and events and festivals with our partners. We cultivate interdisciplinary cooperation and at the same time professional respect for the individual.