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In the Leadership course, we take your passion as the outset for developing your skills in leadership. By planning short- and long-term cultural events and social efforts, we will train personal leadership and your ability to inspire and motivate people.

Good leadership is about community and creative personal qualities. In Leadership at Roskilde Festival Højskole, we work with your personal development, give you the tools to create new communities, and an arena for practical leadership.

You will gain hands-on experience in cultural management and changemaking discipline, which will provide the courage to develop projects, lead, navigate and dream big. We will therefore have an ongoing engagement in collaborations with actors around Zealand and in Copenhagen.

The fall is also the time of the GRASP festival, which we first and foremost co-host with Roskilde Festival, but also Roskilde University, Ragnarock, and Roskilde Municipality. In the spring, we are also involved in SPOT in Aarhus, and of course we are at Roskilde Festival every summer, creating the festival for ourselves and for everyone.

Our projects (in Danish)

The course

With Leadership, your focus will be on the task of leading through collaboration and teamwork. Through specific collaborations, exercises and project work, you will test out the many angles and perspectives of the course.

The course gives you the opportunity to build yourself a toolkit in leadership, project management, motivation, innovation, conflict mitigation, change, and teamwork. You will be challenged in your foundation and experience what works and what doesn’t when you are leading others, and when others are leading you. We learn when we fail!

Through conversation and concrete exercises, you are working with creating, managing, and realizing events with other people – no matter the size and ambition. You will be hands-on in making formats and ideas regarding concerts, exhibitions, film screenings and so on.

During the course, your ideas will be challenged, shaped, and refined before we make them happen, and you will be faced with the financial, strategic and communicative footwork necessary for making your idea a reality.

Subjects in the course

Theory in leadership, project management, idea development, experience design, entrepreneurship, fundraising, booking and signing management, finance, organizing, communication, facilitating, meeting management, motivation, psychology, public speaking, storytelling, change, overview.

Leadership as a profession

Do you have a booker, venue manager, or event-maker in you, or are you considering turning your interest in music and culture into a formal education? Then you will gain insight into the real world and praxis of the field through this course. During your stay, the course teacher is available to help and guide on your way forward.

Leadership helps you on your way with hands-on experience that you can build on, if you want to study management at a school or university, start an NGO, or want to spearhead a group of volunteers, a business, or your own project

Related courses

Music management, entrepreneurship, resonance, event production, and live production.


Course information

12.5 hours a week, on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays.

Aya Mortag Freund

Aya is the primary teacher during spring courses.

Anders Colstrup Hvass

Anders eris the primary teacher during fall courses.

Anders Colstrup Hvass, underviser i ledelse på Roskilde Festival Højskole


Visit us

We really want you to visit us here at RoFH, so we can show you our facilities and the atmosphere at RoFH.

Call us at +45 3132 5321 or book a guided tour.

Facilities (HQ for project management)

The classroom for Leadership is found on the 1. floor, with an outdoor staircase to the school’s surroundings, in close proximity to the art and film courses. With the new inventory and equipment of the room, there are plenty of opportunities to decorate and adapt the room to shifting processes, exercises, and projects. If you want to be part of our own festival’s project management, then this room is your home and headquarters.

A creative city in Roskilde

The area around RoFH contains countless possibilities in utilizing the urban area. Our closest neighbors in the creative area Musicon consists of creative actors of the cultural nature; Roskilde Festival, the Danish rock museum Ragnarock, the skate park Hal 12, Rabalderparken, the dance theater Aaben Dans, empty factories, and so on. In other words – we have a playground full of possibilities.


Do you need experience in leadership to join?

It is not important if you have previously spearheaded a project or not. To lead a project with others is an art, and to be a good leader takes insight and practice.

Do you receive a certificate in leadership after completion of the course?

We are happy to provide a Folk High School certificate when you finish, and some of our teachers also write a letter for you, so you can document your experiences.

Will we work with specific projects that involve partners outside of the school?

Yes! The practical nature of the course is the foundation of RoFH. We test theory in real life at GRASP, Talk Town, SPOT, Roskilde Festival, etc.

Is it possible for me to apply my learnings in the upcoming Roskilde Festival? If yes, is this also the case for fall students?

Roskilde Festival relies on the commitment of volunteers and has strong communities in all of the related areas of throwing a festival. This is a community you can use in many areas. And yes, as a fall student at RoFH you will have strong ties to become a part of Roskilde Festival, also during the festival.